Natasha Dennerstein


Natasha Dennerstein is an Australian-born trans poet living in the San Francisco Bay area and is an Editorial Assistant at Nomadic Press. In a former life she functioned as a psychiatric nurse.




Natasha Dennerstein [Transcript]

2 thoughts on “Natasha Dennerstein

  1. I just listened to the podcast where the author read about a boy having sex with a priest. WHY would you broadcast that????? Making it sound so natural???? If you ever broadcast another episode like that, I will cancel. And NO,,,,,,, I am not a victim,,,,,,,, just shocked as I was listening…….


    1. I appreciate your concerns, and I had similar thoughts while I listened to Gerard Cabrera read from his book, “Homo Novus.” However, by the end of his selection, I realized that he is speaking out for all of those who had similar experiences and thought they were the only one. Also, he paints the transgressor in a negative light, never supporting or advocating this type of behavior.
      As far as the podcast, I endeavor to bring all views to the table, whether I agree with them or not. As far as I am concerned, it is up to the listener to form their own views about what the authors say. I had a choice not to make your comment public, but I believe in healthy discussion. When we can talk about those things that make us uncomfortable and work through that discomfort, I think it makes us better people.
      Lastly, I wish you would have posted this on the appropriate page, that of Gerard Cabrera. You have put it here, on the page of my favorite living poet, Natasha Dennerstein.


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