3 thoughts on “David S. Pederson

  1. Such a great interview! I especially loved the excerpt that he read, complete with beautifully done in character accents, from his new 6th published book “Death’s Prelude!” Can’t wait to read my soon to be mailed copy of this sure to be great read from this articulate and very talented mystery writer! Kudos D.P. !


  2. I really enjoyed the interview. Even though I have known David for over 10 years, I felt like I got to know him better through the interview. I’m looking forward to reading the book.


  3. I really enjoyed this interview with David Pederson, who is very well spoken. Each time I hear a reading and understand what has inspired his writing, it offers me intriguing perspective about his life and work. I look forward to continued reading of the series and more podcasts.


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